Trending Topics

Trending topics are all the rage in today’s vast internet blogosphere. New topics from around the world become popular whenever people tweet about them. Twitter’s Help Center describes them as providing Twitter users “the ‘most breaking’ news stories from around the world.” To post a trending topic all one must do is use the hash-tag symbol # and voila, you have the world’s newest topic, for a second or two.

As of right now #BecauseAllStarWeekend is the number one trending topic in the United States. Allstar Weekend is a pop/rock band that is on tour in the U.S. Fans (almost every teenage girl) have been tweeting about the band all weekend and finally there efforts have put Allstar Weekend on top of the trending topics.
On Google, there is another site dedicated to hot topics and hot searches. So far today, news ranging from Joe Paterno’s death this morning to the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina made the top 10 for hot topics and searches on Google. The cold weather caused many schools around the area to be closed. Another hot Google search was for the late “At Last” R&B singer Etta James. In case you’re unfamiliar, here it is.

Twitter and Google both use algorithms to decide which topics are hot and trending across the virtual world at the current time. These topics let people know what’s going on but they can also get addicting and people will keep refreshing twitter just to see what other people are doing and talking about. Another thing that I think Twitter and its trending topics can do is cause a lot of harm. It can harm our job applications because businesses are inspecting our social networking accounts more and more. It can harm our small businesses when they use Twitter as a marketing tool if their followers find their updates as meaningless and time consuming. It can also hurt our morals and values as a whole human race.

Summing up my thoughts on Twitter and its trending topic and Google Trends, I’d like to say that the potential impact on society that trending topics is not realized fully yet. But with Twitter and Google, micro-blogging is becoming just as popular as regular blogging and easier to do, but with what consequences?

I feel like every blog needs a funny cat picture in order to be legit.

Random thought of the day:

1. Open fridge. Nothing to eat. 2. Open pantry. Nothing to eat. 3. Lower standards and repeat.