Impact of Social Web on Current Events

Social media is a relatively new technology that our society is using. It is being used as a real-time information distributor and consumer. Gone are the days of waiting for the Sunday newspaper. Shoot, we don’t even need to refresh the internet page we’re on anymore; think about how Twitter and Facebook notify us of new posts.

This new social web is affecting our view and take on current events. For example, the State of the Union address was last week. The president mentioned that the U.S. is “a nation of Google and Facebook”. Which goes to show that this generation is going to be known for the spread of social media tools. has some good information on this story.

State of the Union 2012

State of the Union 2012

Sticking to a political theme, today actress Roseanne Barr confirmed that she will be running as the Green Party’s presidential candidate this fall. She is a former Emmy Award winner for her sitcom “Roseanne” in the early ‘90s. Roseanne announced her digital campaign through her Twitter account. This created quite the buzz on Twitter and other social media sites with witty responses to her announcement. The top tweet says “Roseanne is running for president. She promises a hideous knitted blanket on every couch and more family dinners that end in cackling.”

Back in the entertainment business, Madonna is getting ready for her big Super Bowl halftime show. But in the meantime she had to endure a criticism from Elton John’s husband David Furnish about winning the Golden Globe last month. Furnish apologized to Madonna via Facebook. Social media has made apologizing, breaking up, and other things that used to had to of been done face to face is making it easier – and less sincere.

Using Facebook may have been the quickest way to get the apology over with, Roseanne might have gotten word of her campaign out quicker through Twitter, and analyzing the State of the Union speech may have been seen by more people being put up right after the speech, but sometimes the social web can be too much. What I’m taking out of all of this is that in order to stay relevant you must be in real-time nowadays. Immediacy has taken over our culture. We all need to take a step back from the social media every now and again to realize it, and also for some peace of mind.

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I force my dog to watch animal abuse commercials just to show him how good he has it.