White Collar Social Media

Going shopping? Want to virtually try on some clothes to see what they look like? Target came out with an app called Merona My Look Maker last summer and plenty of other clothing lines have done the same or similar things. Target also has a FacebookTwitter and even a Foursquare site.

Social media is well known nowadays for its potential influence on businesses and the way they market to their customers. I can’t think of any current business that doesn’t use social media in some form, and for good reason. (That is unless your target customers are 95 years old, but even then…) There are so many people on social networking sites it is a great opportunity to get your company involved with some free publicity and advertise your brand. But there is a right way of doing it and a wrong way. Below is an example of how viral good word can spread about a new business. It’s actually an ad for ConstantContact, an email marketing solutions company.

By choosing the right information to put out on the public sites, businesses may get just what they want. Say for example a business needs more employees so they use social media to recruit new employees. On the wrong end of using social media you could annoy and lose customers. By not being consistent with keeping up the site or being too prolific of a poster you could potentially scare off consumers.

Calvin Klein has barely used social media in our new digital age and that’s part of the reason they have fallen from the top of the clothing market since the 1990s. But within the last year they have  launched one of the best planned multi-platform “digital campaigns” of recent history. They’ve revamped their website to allow for more interactivity. They created new apps for the iPhone, Android and Symbian markets. (I downloaded it and so far it looks really cool)

Calvin Klein Digital Campaign

Social Media Today, a blog done by social media experts, gives 7 new trends for 2012 that will change and shape business strategy. Number one on their list is:

1. TV goes social.

We’ve started to see the first forays, but internet and TV will become far more interlinked in the coming months. Multiple screens will converge, and your social activities become part of the TV experience. Keep an eye out for Apple – the noises about them producing a television set will probably signal a reinvention of the entire concept.

The other trends for businesses to take advantage of are: having an essential and effective social media strategy, dishing out special deals to social media users and buying into social commerce to generate serious volume of sales.

In closing, I leave you with some new thoughts on how a business should apply social media for a profit.

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