Look What I’ve ‘StumbledUpon’

Everyday when you go online, you find something new. So much new information is posted online each day, it’s hard to grasp how much. 340 million tweets are sent every day according to Twitter’s blog. Youtube has 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. And if you are on Facebook, I shouldn’t even have to mention how many posts are made; just take a look at your news feed or ticker.

What if we had an easier way to find things we wanted to see/read/learn – things you wanted to discover? I introduce to you, the web discovery engine. This relatively new term is a service that takes your interests and things you already like and can recommend similar content for you to discover.

One such site is StumbleUpon. I like this site because it livens the internet up whenever I feel like all there is on the internet is Facebook, Twitter, news websites, and The Chive (something I will explain in my next post). By logging into StumbleUpon and clicking the ‘Stumble’ button, you get a new website that you most likely would have never found. Sometimes you’ll find an amazing website that you come back to routinely. I just logged in and the first thing I stumbled upon: How to Open a Beer Bottle With a Dollar Bill. I should also mention that it takes your friends interests into account because I don’t know how it got that site from my interests…

The big difference between StumbleUpon and Google is that you need not search for really interesting information. With Google, you need to know what your looking for in order to find it. Of course Google has taken this into account and now when you log in to Google, it can track what you usually search for and compile that information to figure your interests out. Although they have caught some flack with privacy issues when selling users personal information and interests to marketing research agencies.

Another site that is sort of like StumbleUpon is Pinterest. Pinterest is yet another social networking site that allows users to pin their interests (ha) to a virtual pinboard. Sites like these are seeing growth and they are pushing users to smaller, less-known websites. Mashable found that SU is driving more people to sites than Facebook. Another surprising fact is that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, Youtube, and Linkedin combined. There is definitely a future for web discovery engines.

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