The Pitch

From the channel that brings you Mad Men’, AMC is promoting a series premiere of new advertising reality show ‘The Pitch’ in a few interesting ways. The show premieres Monday at 8 Central on the cable channel AMC. I’m graduating in a couple weeks from North Dakota State University with a double major in Journalism as well as Public Relations and Advertising. So with having a background in both television broadcasting and advertising, I think this show is going to be really fun to watch and interesting to see two ad agencies compete for a campaign.

I’d like to take a look at how AMC has promoted the show. One medium of advertising that has become quite popular is using Google Ads such as this one:

'The Pitch' Google Advertisement

Another form of their social media ad campaign is their Facebook page, along with a Twitter handle @ThePitch_AMC, and a blog that updates fans on events leading up to the premiere. They have also used more traditional forms of advertising with the following commercial being aired on cable channels across the U.S.:

They also have used Netflix to promote the show by allowing the pilot episode to be seen on demand (Watch Instantly). I think that it would have been very interesting if AMC reached an agreement with Netflix to post a new episode on Watch Instantly a week after it had aired on AMC – sort of Hulu-esque.

I came across an article written by Christina Warren at Mashable about how AMC had a unique problem of developing an ad campaign for a TV show about ad campaigns. The artwork that was ultimately chosen for the campaign and some other artwork that was pitched can be seen in her article.

Tweet of the day:


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