Dead Week

As the title implies, I have been ‘dead’ all week. Dead to the outside world. I’ve been stuck at my desk, in the library, and in class writing papers and finishing projects. Next week will be no better seeing as it will be finals week here at NDSU.

This is why I am going to try and just give you a bullet list as I get a chance to breathe and read about the latest trends in technology and social media.

  • First off, Jack White’s first solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ came out this week and debuted at no. 1 on the charts. It’s gotten me through the week so far. Take a listen if you get a chance.
  • Samsung revealed today their newest smartphone; The Galaxy S III was rumored to come out and rival the iPhone. Most preliminary reviews I have seen are in disfavor of the new design of the phone.
  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook is setting their initial public offering (IPO) in the $28-$35 range. This brings the value of Facebook somewhere around $85 billion; making it the most valuable U.S. web company at time of IPO.
  • LinkedIn users just got a little more excited to use the service for professional work. LinkedIn just acquired SlideShare, the Youtube of slideshows, for $119 million. Now seems to be a good time to sell if you are in the Web 2.0 market.

That’s all I have for you today, back to writing papers, finishing projects, and studying for finals. Maybe I’ll get out of the library by this weekend.

Random thought of the day:

Give a short visual IQ test to all the customers and cashiers in a store before picking a checkout line. Sometimes the longest line is the shortest line.