Graduation & Facebook Advertising

I actually did it. I graduated from college after four years! I am so happy I decided to take a week vacation from my blog. Now I’m back and busy on the prowl for jobs… I heard Sundog was opening up new offices in Denver, that sounds nice.

NDSU Spring 2012 Commencement

So here I go again with the short and sweet bullet list to get you up to date in the world of social media and marketing.

  • Some good-times music I’ve been listening to the past week by Alex Clare. Have a listen to his ‘Lateness of the Hour’ because it is awesome. I especially like the song ‘Hands are Clever’.
  • Facebook is still having trouble figuring out how to effectively use advertising on its site. The privacy head at Facebook suggests that in the future they could be giving away information about what you like to third parties. Privacy issues are bound to pop up because it seems nobody is a fan of giving your Facebook information to advertising agencies.
  • Proof that Facebook is still struggling to market effectively to consumers, General Motors has pulled all of their ads from Facebook. Bad timing for Facebook because as I mentioned in my last post, they are getting ready for their Initial Public Offering (IPO). Investors need to ask themselves if Facebook is a long-term buy or is it just a trend that has hit its peak.
  • In an effort to stay on top of mobile social media, Facebook bought Android photo application Lightbox today. They recently purchased Instagram, another photo application that was based for iPhones. Hopefully this means that Facebook’s mobile app for Android will improve in how it views photos and newsfeeds because right now, it’s terrible. Speaking from my own experience, Facebook mobile slowed down my phone so badly I uninstalled the app and now just use the browser to view Facebook.

Tweet of the day:

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10 Facebook Tip: #2 Don’t use hashtag on Facebook. You look stupid.