Sharing Everything Isn’t Necessarily A Good Thing

Remember when mom taught you to share with others. Well, Verizon Wireless is veiling their new plan in the connotation that sharing is in the spirit of kindness.

Verizon Wireless’ new ‘Share Everything’ plans were just announced today. They are disguised in this news release from Verizon to be a good thing for the customer. However, they are not. That is unless you still use your phone for simply talk and text.

In this day and age it seems to be all about smartphones. In the last year they have taken over the majority of the handset market here in America. This means data usage is becoming more and more common for mobile phone users. The new pricing plan of Verizon’s eliminates choices for talk minutes or number of texts, they are now all unlimited. But Verizon also eliminated unlimited data usage, now you must choose between $50/month for 1 GB all the way up to $100/month for 10 GB.

So, the good thing about this new Share Everything Plan is that you can go back to your olden ways and simply call or text to communicate. If you don’t have the money, you’ll be forced to sparingly use the internet on your mobile device. Thanks a lot Verizon, let’s not move forward with communication technology for everyone, let’s make the middle class go back to the mid 2000’s when everything was talk and text.

I know many people that are hooked on this new trend of surfing the internet and using apps on smartphones. Now the big corporations are forcing us to pony up. Reminiscent of a tobacco industry that came alive in the early 20th century. Not to say using smartphones is an unhealthy habit as cigarettes are, but it can be addicting, and manipulated by the big corporations in how much you pay for it.

So while Verizon gouges their customers because the customer has no other clear cut choice, I think we should look to the government for some help, maybe the Justice Department can do something about what looks like collusion in the mobile phone service industry. Verizon has been on the hot seat with a Wisconsin senator warning of collusion.

I learned of this increase in prices from a website I like to occasionally wander around on called where I found this article about Verizon’s new plan. Here is a look at an infographic on the history of the telecom industry to today, well actually it is circa 2011 – Wall Street Journal:

'Ma Bell' is just fine

There is an overly exaggerated theory called ‘spectrum crunch’ that states the wireless waves are full and therefore the telecom industry can raise wireless data prices. It is a valid explanation but through the use of technology there are ways around the spectrum crunch. Some thought of by Martin Cooper.

Random thought of the day:

I’m going to invent an off switch for smoke alarms. Sorry everyone, I was just attempting to cook.