My First Mac

My first Big Mac was delicious. My first Macbook is DEEELICIOUS.

Earlier today I acquired my first Apple product since the iPod came out in 2001. I had a not so delicious experience with my previous PC’s. The Acer I recently had crashed after 3 months and one not-so-hard fall from my desktop. Before that my HP’s motherboard went bad unexpectedly after 2 years of use and a replaced battery. So, I wanted to test my luck with the much-acclaimed Macbook Pro.

Now for those that don’t yet know, Mac’s run a completely different operating system than PC’s. Mac OS X vs. Microsoft Windows. So far, here are the differences I am noticing.

Mac’s are much more user friendly and aesthetic, it just takes some time to get use to the different controls. For example, Macs have a Command key that is nowhere to be found on PCs. Macs meanwhile are usually more spendy than their counterpart. Mine cost me approximately 300 Big Macs (I must say it is more than 300x delicious). Another downfall for Macs is that Apple has made the operating system a closed one in that it does not accept a lot of foreign(not made by Apple) software to work with the OS X. Windows meanwhile has an enormous amount of great software to run on it’s system because it is an open operating system.

Many people believe that if there were a computer with Apple’s peerless design and hardware AND with Microsoft’s unrivaled software cache. There is a way to run Windows on a Macbook and it is called Boot Camp. This is one way to get around having to choose between Mac or PC.

Throughout the course of this blog I will return to this topic and let you know how my Mac is running and compare it to PC experiences.

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